The latest from Abolishion

Nadia joins the Abolishion Team


We are so excited to have Nadia join the team at Abolishion. She will be heading up our Traffick Safe School Program. Welcome Nadia!

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ROAM Living intentionally creates jobs for survivors



In 2017, Abolishion launched a social enterprise called ROAM Living.  ROAM makes high quality leather products of distinction and seeks to intentionally create jobs for survivors of human trafficking.  We make leather laptop and notebook covers as well as key chains and luggage tags.

'We started ROAM last year with lots of work on product design and trialling our products in various markets.' said Leanne Rhodes, CEO and founder of Abolishion.  'We're not 100% there yet but we have seen what the impact of having a job has on survivors.'

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Abolishion turns 5 today!


It all started 5 years ago today with a little statement on our founder Leanne Rhodes' Facebook page.

Today is Global Human Trafficking Awareness day.....so I got together with some amazing friends and started Abolishion. 

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Anti-trafficking networks: an organised response to organised crime


We were honoured to be present for the third year in a row at 7th Agora International Administration Conference in December.

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Relentless in changing the world

Last week at Abolishion we had the honor to be visited by two extraordinary fighters against human trafficking, Dr. Katherine Welch and Deneen Kelly, therapeutic care specialist. They held seminars and conferences that focused on the medical side of human trafficking and poured into our minds and souls information and advises that impacted us deeply.

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A workshop took place at the Oradea Social Community Administration, organised by Abolishion, People to People Foundation and our institution for all the medical employees from the Medical School Departments.

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Book Review: Wounded Children, Healing Homes: How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Families

Encouraging families to consider adoption is not the main purpose of the book, but rather to educate prospective parents on the process and the difficulties that may entail, and to encourage families who have adoptive that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are services available to them.

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5,000 Miles Abroad: Life as an Intern

With a spirit of adventure, a curiosity of world cultures, and a heart for the marginalized, I arrived in Romania in June to intern with Abolishion and contribute to their research team.

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Book Review: Odyssey of a Romanian Street Child by Catalin Dobrisan and John Kachelmyer

Author John Kachelmyer spent many years of his life in destitute places doing ministry among marginalized youth. Romania was just one chapter in his life, but this one chapter for him helped many children add new chapters and create alternative endings to their own stories. This book focusses on the story of a young man named, Cătălin.

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Sex traffickers are using apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to form trusting relationships with young girls, to follow every move they make and to find private information about them. 

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