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How to be safe on social media

Find out how you can be safe on Social Media


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Security in human trafficking

Last week Abolishion was invited to present at the 5th Agora International Administration Conference on "The role of the Human Factor in Ensuring Human Security".

Our team spoke as keynote speakers alongside PhD lecturer Aurora Graviș and the head of N-V Regional National Agency against Human Trafficking (ANITP), Gheorghe Ungur. 

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December 2015 News


I hope you are well and enjoying the Christmas Spirit that is all around us.  We’ve been busy building up to Christmas at Abolishion too! 

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Intern Diaries - Sefora

“How’s your work in the underworld of Romania going?” read a message from my friend the other day. It surprised me and in fact, I still haven’t replied. It got me thinking: is that what people think I’m doing? Do they think I’m wondering the streets of Romania at all hours of the night, rescuing girls? Oh how wrong they are...


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Book Review: The Natashas by Victor Malarek

Victor Malarek, an investigative journalist, opens the shocking world of trafficking up to you, sharing the real life stories of intimidation, fear, rape, torture and abuse that these brave young women are submitted to. He describes the way these women are exploited from their vulnerable situations of poverty, family breakdown and abuse.

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Furnish For Freedom

This week we are excited to launch our 'Furnish For Freedom’ campaign.  We are ready to set up our first Restore Home and need to fill it with furniture and items to make it a home where survivors of human trafficking can feel safe, heal and build an independent life.

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Be safe on social media

We live in a world where everything is only one click away. You can have instant communication with just one click, you can have access to all the information that you need with just one click, you can stay connected with your friend with just one click. It’s that easy.  



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Letter to my father

I do not weep for your passing, but I am filled with a sense of guilt. Luminita was the name that you chose for me; my little light, my ray of sunshine. You rejoiced over my birth as if I were a boy. Do you remember how you took me to all the neighbours to show off your ‘little light’?

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Abolishion Meets Collective Shout

Abolishion's, Leanne Rhodes, interviews Collective Shout's Coralie Alison about all they do as an organisation to fight 'sexploitation' and how it relates to human trafficking.


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What kind of Abolishionist are you?

"We can all do something to fight human trafficking.  Yet we all have different skills and different amounts of time we can give.

Take our quiz to find out what kind of Abolishionist you are


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