Abolishion Course Makes a Difference



In January, 2014, Abolishion launched its online course on human trafficking. The course sends partcipants an email a day for 30 days. Each day details an aspect of human trafficking including topics such as statistics, supply and demand, traffickers, hot lines, how to identify trafficking where you live and why girls stay. Each day only takes 3 minutes to read but will equip you to join the fight, wherever you live.

This was the case for Dinah, who lives in Switzerland. She signed up to do the course and her eyes were suddenly opened. Every few days she would write to Abolishion telling us what she was learning and how she was applying it.  Dinah was shocked to discover that human trafficking was at work in her country, and that it was one of the worst in the area of prostitution. She started doing more and more research.

She went on a trip to Strasbourg in France and visited European Parliament where she got to talk to one of the German judges there. Now armed with the facts she took the time to ask the judge how many cases they actually process for trafficking. Unfortunately, the judge said very few. She said that the victims don’t usually know their rights and therefore don’t press charges, letting traffickers go free.

Dinah is now determined to do something about this and is working to raise more awareness in her country. In fact, she has been working hard to translate the course into German so more of her friends can understand what is happening and begin to so something about it. The Abolishion course is available for free and is now available in English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and, thanks to Dinah, in German. You can sign up at www.abolishion.org/how.

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