Alina Sima - Social Worker

"Every human being is born free, with equal rights and dignity...When a person loses his freedom, he loses his dignity...Together we can make a step forward, by bringing awareness into our society, so that every unique person, can have a chance"

Alina is from Hunedoara, but she has lived in Oradea for more that 8 years. She is married and has a daughter. Alina was involved in organizing camps for children and teenagers. She has a passion for young people, to invest in them moral values and positive life principles. She studied Social Work at Emanuel University from Oradea and now she wants to fight for the life of the ones who were involved in human trafficking. She sees every human being as being valuable and deserving to live a life in freedom. She believes that she can have a positive impact in a survivor’s life and help them integrate in society. She is sure that there is always something that’s worth fighting for, and investing in a human being is the biggest investment that we can do.