Anti-trafficking networks: an organised response to organised crime


We were honoured to be present for the third year in a row at 7th Agora International Administration Conference in December. Leanne Rhodes, CEO and Founder of Abolishion, Board member at European Freedom Network was one of the main speakers at the conference. The theme of this year was “International Inter-Institutional Cooperation in the Era of Globalization.” In this context Leanne spoke about “Anti-trafficking networks: an organised response to organised crime”

Human trafficking is organised crime. Leanne underlined the need and the importance of having an organized response in order to fight together against this crime. Prevention is better than cure.

Networks are important, vital if I may add. “No one group has all the information” she said “Different groups in society overlap but we never get the full picture unless we get together.”

Leanne listed the reasons why we need networks: We can pick trends that we can’t see by ourselves, we can identify the gaps, networks help us to be more strategic in our response to human trafficking, to do our work better, to train across disciplines and to always have the bigger picture in mind.

Also, Leanne talked about using Big Data and Predictive Policing in running a more efficient fight against human trafficking.

All of this information and more will be available and published in Agora's International Journal of Administration Sciences in the coming months.






Photo Source: ovidan.ro

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