Be safe in Poland



Leanne was privileged to visit Poland this month thanks to the invitation from Slawek Jagiela and Stephen Wyndham from the 700 Miast program.  Leanne was invited to share with these up and coming church leaders on how human trafficking happens in Poland and how they can be involved in fighting it.

Following the conference, Leanne visited secondary schools in villages around Poland and spoke on the dangers of human trafficking, particularly on social media.  Leanne warned the students of the dangers of sexting, the practice sending sexually proactive images online, common amongst teenagers.  This resonated with many of the students who began looking at one another awkwardly at this point. 

Students were given Abolishion’s new webcam stickers to place over their webcams when not in use.  “Once someone has access to your computer via a virus or through clicking on a fake email, they are able to access your webcam and take photos whenever they like as long as your computer is on.  Our simple webcam sticker can stop this.” says Leanne Rhodes.

Traffickers are targeting students more and more online.  Our hope is that our 'Be Safe on Social Media’ school program will help prevent students from falling victim to their tricks.

If you would like to know more about how to Be Safe on Social Media please visit our dedicated webpage.

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