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We live in a world where everything is only one click away. You can have instant communication with just one click, you can have access to all the information that you need with just one click, you can stay connected with your friend with just one click. It’s that easy.

Yes, it’s that easy for online traffickers to find you with one click too.  They can have instant communication with you with just one click, they can have access to your information with just one click, they can stay connected with you with just one click.  They are just one click away from your life.

Will you let that happen? Will you smarten up and learn how to be safe on social media?

Here are a few things that you have to consider before sharing your life online: 


1.    Privacy options

Make your social media account as safe as you can by selecting the most secure options. You can control who sees your post. It’s safer if you share it just with your friends

Make sure you review your privacy option regularly  


2.    Don’t post personal information about you.

If it’s personal then keep it personal

Think twice before posting your birthday, phone number, address, details about family members, education and employment history.


3.    Disable location from your posts

In this way you can avoid being tracked and stalked by traffickers. 


4.    Only accept friend requests from people you know personally

Think twice before you accept someone that you don’t know. Traffickers can and do hide behind cute photos and nice profiles. 


5.    Don’t meet an internet "friend’ in person.

But if you still choose to do it, meet in public places, bring a friend and make sure somebody else knows where are you going. But keep in mind, there’s always a chance that you are walking in a trafficker’s trap.


6.    Everything you post on social media is permanent

So think twice before posting pictures of yourself

Avoid taking pictures in front of your house, in front of your car, at school, on vacation or any other places that would give away your location. 


7.    Don’t post or send proactive pictures or videos online. 

They can be used to blackmail you or end up on sexual content websites even without your permission. 


8.    Ask for help 

Report things that look suspicious. If you feel that something is not right ask for help, contact authorities. In case of any activity regarding human trafficking, sexual exploitation or  content that exploits minors please use the Human Trafficking hotline number and report it 


Be safe on social media!









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