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Why a day in her shoes?

We’re so excited about our new campaign #adayinhershoes 

Our team have been working tirelessly the last two months preparing videos, websites and graphics.  We’ve done it all for two reasons: to help people understand more about human trafficking and to raise funds for our Restore program for survivors of human trafficking.


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A day in her shoes

Will you wear heels all day any day in October to put yourself in the shoes of women who suffer from trafficking? You can also donate $10, $20, $30 or whatever you can to help provide a safe haven for women and girls who have suffered such terrible abuse. Show that you care today by registering at adayinhershoes.org


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Intern Diaries – Lydia

Lots of people have asked me how my summer was since my return home from Romania. Most of them ask in passing, so I have about thirty seconds to sum up two months’ worth of travel, work, and life. Mostly I just say, “Oh, it was really awesome! I learned a ton and I made some really great friends!” 

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Roma Vulnerabilities

"Is this valuable?" Leanne asked, holding up a 100 Lei note. 

Several women nodded their heads yes. Leanne crumpled the note in her hands. Then she dropped it on the floor and stomped on it. She had their full attention.

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Restore home work begins

Work on our first Restore Home for survivors of human trafficking is in full swing.  The Restore Team (made up of Abolishion  and People To People) have been meeting biweekly to discuss the inner workings of the shelter and it’s associated Community Care program for survivors that are able to live with their families but still need assistance. 

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This is Real Life - Outreach to at risk young people in Moldova

“This is real life.”  That was what the young people said after we talked to them about the realities of human trafficking.  The Abolishion Team were spending the morning at Vatra, a temporary placement centre for young adults after being in institutionalised care in Chisinau, Moldova at the invitation of Fielding Stocksdale from Mission Europe.

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Right where trafficking happens

We had heard that many of the women in the Roma village were being pressured by husbands and boyfriends to go to other countries and work as prostitutes in order to get money to live.  This was the reason we came. 

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First hand account from Aussies: Cherry and Ant

Last year, Anthony and Cherith Wilson lived in Oradea for three months to work with founder and CEO of Abolishion, Leanne Rhodes.  At a local teashop, over their favorite Darjeeling, they shared a bit about life and experiences they had while traveling upon the Abolishion road.

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Project Abolishion

Project Abolishion is a women’s event to raise funds for Abolishion to fight human trafficking and restore survivors. Supper is included.

When: Friday 10 April, 2015 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Where: Berwick Church of Christ, 432-466 Centre Rd, Berwick
Tickets are $25 full price and $15 for student/concession.

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How to use Street Theatre to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

The guys at Concordia University successfully raised awareness of human trafficking using street theater.

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