Book Review: The Natashas by Victor Malarek



From the moment you open this book it captivates you, emersing you in the horrific realities of human trafficking.

Victor Malarek, an investigative journalist, opens the shocking world of trafficking up to you, sharing the real life stories of intimidation, fear, rape, torture and abuse that these brave young women are submitted to. He describes the way these women are exploited from their vulnerable situations of poverty, family breakdown and abuse. Outlining how traffickers exploit these circumstances for their profit, recruiting these women through manipulation and lies as well as threats of violence against them, their families and the threat of nonacceptance and judgment from their communities if they were to escape.

Malarek sheds light on the prejudice and racism faced by the women and girls caught up the sex industry, which affects the worldwide effort against trafficking. Disturbingly, he highlights how the global demand for women is increasing as men’s desire for sex increases, showing how time and time again a man’s ‘right’ for sex trumps all women’s rights.

Throughout this book you see the common tales of corruption that run rife within the very people in society that are sent out to protect and advocate for basic human rights and safety. It is aid workers, UN peace-keepers, police, customs officials and politicians that are instead frequent customers and often the ones turning a blind eye or facilitating the activities, allowing the inhumane practice to continue. Malarek implores that with corruption like this it cannot be expected for the women to trust the very men who use them, to be the ones to help them out.

Something needs to change in the legal process. Previous experience shows that currently prosecution and sentencing are gravely inadequate. Even when these officials and/or traffickers are charged the sentences are nothing more than a slap on the wrist and when compared to the potential money making available in the human trafficking world it is definitely not acting as a deterrent.

This is more than just a prostitution issue or illegal immigration; this is a crime against humanity. Malarek insists that to stop the traffic we need the full extent of the law behind us and we need to work together, not with words, but with action to fight this global phenomenon that is human trafficking.

This is a compelling read and a holistic introduction into the brutal world of human trafficking.


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