Cristina Ciuciui - Admin Assistant

"The tragedy in our world is that people are used and things are loved. Let’s love people and use things. Let’s put an end to human trafficking and understand that no life matters more than the other."

Cristina Ciuciui is from Oradea, Romania. She has been involved in youth leadership and social work and together with her husband had the opportunity to play an active role in the life of young people. She dedicates her time to make a positive impact in their life. For her, living a life with purpose matters the most, truly loving the people around you and helping each person in need. She believes that loving others and putting love into action will change people’s lives. She first volunteered at Abolishion and helped young girls learn how to read and write. Her dream is to see a generation free from human trafficking and that is the main reason she joined the Abolishion team. She believes that this could be the generation that says enough to any form of trafficking. She has a Bachelor Degree in English Literature and a Master Degree in European Relevances and she is passionate about anything that involves reading.