Cybercrime and Sextortion



Both our CEO, Leanne Rhodes, and our Prevention and Awareness Director, Ioana Humelnicu were privileged to present at Agora University's 6th Agora International Administration Conference in December.  

Leanne spoke on research she has been doing on the links between Human Trafficking and Cybercrime, looking at online activity both on the internet and the dark web.  The dark web is an area often plagued by traffickers as it near guarantees anonymity.  The research looked at trends and tools currently available to police to gather evidence and bring a quicker response time in the rescue of victims.

Ioana spoke on the dangers of sexting (sending sexual images by text) and how it can easily turn into sextortion, where victims are blackmailed into providing more sexual images, favours or services to the offender.  Ioana made a number of recommendations about how to stay safe on the internet.

Both papers will be published in Agora's International Journal of Administration Sciences in the coming months.

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