February 2016 News

January was a milestone month for all of us here at Abolishion.  It is wonderful to see our dream and years of hard work come to fruition.  




This month we are very happy to announce that we signed the lease for our much needed shelter for survivors of human trafficking.  We have already been busy purchasing the furniture for it thanks to everyone who donated through our Furniture for Freedom campaign.  It is so exciting to see the house freshly painted and everything coming together to make a lovely home where survivors will find healing and be empowered to live independent lives.  We want to thank everyone that has been part of the journey into making this happen.  We might be the ones moving the furniture in and signing the lease but we know it is a much bigger team of donors, volunteers and experts that are making this happen.  We cannot thank you enough!




January also saw our long term volunteers, Tim and Rachelle Eddy, return to Australia after a 9 month stay.  They have both done fabulous jobs and will be missed.   Rachelle has been instrumental in researching best practice and writing up our policies for our Restore survivor care.  She is yet to know of the lives she has impacted.  Tim has done a wonderful job on the technical front and presenting to at risk young people.  Aside from his work at Abolishion, Tim also worked with Caleb Foundation (link) on incentive programs with Roma children and their families to ensure they go to school.  We know that being educated helps to make these children less vulnerable to trafficking.  These two have done themselves proud and are already missed.  Thank you to everyone who supported them during their time in Romania.  You have been part of making a difference.  After their many adventures, whilst working with Abolishion, we are pleased to see that their next adventure involves starting a family.  Everyone here in Romania are very proud to claim their future child as made in Romania! 



As the reality of the shelter opening draws nearer, we would love for you to consider making a monthly donation of $10 per month. Your commitment will help keep the vital work of Abolishion going as well as help us to plan more strategically for the future.  This can be done online via PayPal or if you prefer, we can set up direct debit from your bank or credit card.  Just send us an email at [email protected] and we can make that happen.  Please consider partnering with us.  It’s only a small amount but it can make a huge difference.

Thank you again for journeying with us as we work together to break the systems that keep people in sex slavery.  

Together we are making a difference.


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