Furnish For Freedom



This week we are excited to launch our 'Furnish For Freedom’ campaign.  We are ready to set up our first Restore Home and need to fill it with furniture and items to make it a home where survivors of human trafficking can feel safe, heal and build an independent life.

We have gone for modern but comfortable look with a colour scheme of white, mustard and charcoal.  We hope this design gives the survivors a home where they feel valued and proud to live. 


We would love for you to be involved in setting up our home.  We created a special online shop which works rather like a bridal gift registry.  We’ve listed the items we would like to furnish and decorate the home with.  We would love for you to browse our catalog and choose something you would like to see be available in the home.  Once you purchase the item in our store, we’ll go out and buy it for the home.

Check out the catalog at http://abolishion.myshopify.com/collections/furnish-for-freedom

It’s a great way for you to feel connected to the survivors you are helping and to do something for them this Christmas.

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