Laura Coste - Social Worker

"There are only two options for me: I am either part of the solution or the problem. I decided to roll my sleeves up and fight human trafficking!"

Laura Coste is from Oradea, Romania and she studied Social Work having a Masters Degree in Social Services Management. She is married to Vlad and they own a business which they hope to use as a tool to provide more jobs for the people in their city. Laura has also been working with vulnerable persons for the past few years and she joined the Abolishion team in April 2016 with a strong desire to fight human trafficking. She is involved in the Restoration Care programme at Abolishion, where she is currently looking at business opportunities for the survivors as this is one of their greatest needs. Laura strives not only to provide the emotional support for the girls, but also to train them in order to live an independent lives. She is passionate assisting the girls as they discover the joy of freedom again!