Leanne Rhodes - CEO and Founder

"I want a world where no one's freedom is sold for the highest bid."

Leanne's life was forever changed the day she met a survivor of human trafficking.

She founded Abolishion in order to break the systems that keep people in sexual slavery. Leanne is the co-founder of Actuate IT, a software company that works with churches and non-profit organisations to help them do the great things they do more efficiently. She is also a minister with the Australian Christian Churches.

Leanne recently led Bridge Church Mission, leading community development programs in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Africa and India. One of her highlights was to work with the Vietnamese community in Melbourne to see 14,000 people in Cambodia get clean water for the first time. Leanne also has over 15 years of experience working with issues of homelessness and housing.

Leanne holds an IT degree from Queensland University of Technology and a Grad Dip of Theology from Harvest Bible College.

Leanne now resides in Romania and travels regularly across Europe to work with churches, governments and NGOs in the prevention of human trafficking. She looks forward to a world where no one's basic right for freedom is sold for the highest bid.