Lidia joins the Abolishion Team



We're so excited to have Lidia join the team at Abolishion.  She will work in administration and finance field as an admin assistant and CEO's personal relations manager. Welcome Lidia! 


1. How did you come to hear about human trafficking?

I heard about human trafficking since I was little in school but I found out more through my friend, Ioana Humelnicu, who told me how things are done in this industry.


2. What was your reaction when you heard?

I remember that when I first heard about human trafficking I was shocked, left without words.


3. What is your role in Abolishion?

I work as an admin assistant.


4. Why did you choose to work for Abolishion?

It is challenging. It is not comfortable and it develops in you a genuine way to see and be part of change.


5. What do you think is the best thing someone can do to fight trafficking?

I think that the first thing someone can do is to get involved in fight trafficking, to put him or herself there with all their heart and resources.


6. What do you think a world without trafficking would look like?

In my opinion, I think that a world without human trafficking will be characterised by respect for one another and freedom.


7. Anything else you want to say?

I encourage genuine, creativity and diversity in every area of our lives. I think it will not be easy to fight human trafficking or to change what is but I am joyful that some people have this on their hearts..


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