Linda Rayment - Board

"No one has the right to take away another’s freedom. Sex slavery must stop."

Linda currently works as an Associate at Nicholes Family Lawyers and is deeply passionate about social justice issues, family law, rehabilitation and meeting the needs of children and victims. Linda’s commitment to international human rights has seen her work with various non-profit organisations in advancing their causes. This commitment has seen her work with the Cambodian government to establish a children’s court system in Cambodia, provide free family law advice to women in the sex industry, as well as running programs for children of the inner-city public housing estates with a anti-drug, anti-crime and anti-violence emphasis. Since 2007 Linda has also spent a lot of her time volunteering and assisting inmates in Kerobokan Prison, Bali. Linda works closely with the Board of the World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights, which brings together a range of highly regarded individuals ranging from judges, governmental officials and legislators from all around the world to raise awareness in relation to various issues including child trafficking and to seek outcomes that promote and protect the rights of children.