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We are very pleased to announce that Anthony Wilson has joined our team at Abolishion.  He will be working in the role of Australian Operations Manager, managing our Australian base, building networks, fundraising and spreading awareness.  Anthony openly admits to being an incurable fanatic when it comes to fighting trafficking.  So much so he is focusing his retirement on doing something about it.  He’s taken the time to visit the field in Romania, Moldova and France and has seen the issues that contribute to sex slavery.

We've asked him some questions so you can get to know him.

Why do you want to fight human trafficking?

  1. Because it's a major global problem

  2. Having daughters makes me more sensitive to the vulnerability of young women

  3. As I am aware of the extent of it how can I do nothing

  4. I want to make a difference

  5. It sickens me that the perpetrators of it seem to go unpunished

  6. As a man I feel I need to part of the solution

Why give up your retirement for this?

  1. Why not! I am healthy and reasonably fit.

  2. I feel that my passion, my skills, my energy and ideas can make a difference

  3. I want to give back more especially to the most vulnerable

Why Abolishion?

  1. Because I know the CEO and I am 100% behind what her passion is

  2. I feel that I can be a valuable member of her team

  3. I support and agree with values and mission of the organisation

What excites you about this role?

  1. It's a good fit for my personality, temperament, financial and people skills

  2. It's important to have a strong Australian base

Are you available to speak on this issue?  If so, how do we get in contact?

  1. I am available, able and willing to speak with others and in fact have already begun.

  2. You can contact me via email at [email protected].

Can you help people run a fundraiser?  How?

I can be available to speak at your fundraiser and also have a number of ideas I can discuss with you to make it an impacting event.

We are delighted to have you on board Anthony!  We love your passion and your sense of humour!

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