October 2015 News


The Team is Growing

The Abolishion Team

Left to Right: Ioana Mascas, Lydia Preuss, Rachelle Eddy, Tim Eddy, Leanne Rhodes


The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity here at Abolishion. It doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon! I wanted to update you on what you've been a part of the last few months.

Tim and Rachelle Eddy moved from Australia to Romania to join the Abolishion team for 9 months and have been doing a fantastic job. I don't know how we survived without them. Tim has worked hard on creating our new look website. Now that school is back, he is also getting stuck into working with educating Roma children and making sure that they actually go to school. Rachelle has been doing loads of research and policy writing ensuring that our first Restore Home will provide quality care and best practice services for survivors of human trafficking.

Lydia Preuss also joined our team as an intern all the way from USA. She first encountered Abolishion as part of her university study at Concordia University in their Around The World Semester during a trip to Romania and decided to come back and work with us for 2 months. During her time here she learnt much about the realities of human trafficking. Read more about Lydia's adventure...

Right Where Trafficking Happens

Right Where Trafficking Happens

Our team have run prevention programs with vulnerable communities in both Romania and Moldova. We have been working to educate young people on exactly how traffickers work in areas we know are targeted by traffickers. In Moldova, the response from young people was "this is real life" and in Romania we came across young women who sadly knew the harsh reality of being trafficked. We are committed to continuing our prevention work right where trafficking happens. Read More:

Training Community Leaders

Training Community Leaders

We ran professional training seminars in Moldova with both social workers and local church pastors and leaders. This is strategic work as it equips community leaders who regularly come in contact with those who are vulnerable to being trafficked. One social worker has since been talking with us about suspected trafficking that she is now identifying in her community.

Restore Home Coming Soon


Our first Restore Home is fast becoming a reality. Our Restore Program will provide both accommodated care and community care for survivors of trafficking. The difficult leg work of putting procedures in place is now complete. Now we move on to hiring staff and finding a location. A very exciting time indeed!

Read More:

A Day in Her Shoes

At the start of October we launched our A Day In Her Shoes campaign. The social media campaign challenges individuals to wear heels for a day and donate. We have already seen people participate from across the globe. We would love it if you would get involved in sharing the campaign and registering or making a donation. All funds raised will go towards our Restore Home. You can join the campaign at adayinhershoes.org.

There is More To Do

The work we have doing is making an impact but we know there is so much more to do. Every week we hear of new cases of human trafficking and come up with new ways to fight this terrible crime. We rely on wonderful people like you to ensure, that together, this important work can continue and expand. Will you consider making a financial donation to this work or becoming a partner by making a regular monthly donation to Abolishion?


We are excited and taking a deep breath as we look at all we have planned coming up in the next months, as together with you, we continue the fight against human trafficking.

Thanks for all your support!

Leanne Rhodes

CEO - Abolishion

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