Relentless in changing the world


Last week at Abolishion we had the honor to be visited by two extraordinary fighters against human trafficking, Dr.Katherine Welch and Deneen Kelly, therapeutic care specialist. They held seminars and conferences that focused on the medical side of human trafficking and poured into our minds and souls information and advises that impacted us deeply.

Dr. Katherine Welch, Director and Founder of Relentless in Thailand, taught us about the medical care of trafficking survivors. Our staff and our volunteers, as well as local social workers and medical professionals gained a wonderful insight from her, as every meeting left them empowered and encouraged that each and one of them can make a change in the life of a human trafficking survivor.

A highlight was the conference for the medical school professionals, were more than 50 school doctors and nurses from all the educational institutions from Oradea participated. In collaboration with People to People Foundation and the Oradea Social Community Administration, this conference represented a step forward towards the understanding that knowledge is key when it comes to sexual health, especially among students and teenagers. Ioana Humelnicu, our Raising Awareness Director and Andreea Pontoş, Case Manager from People to People Foundation, talked about human trafficking on a national and local level, about the impact on the community and the way the participants can have an active role in detecting and preventing human trafficking. The participants also received advises and practical ideas on how to assist and support victims of human trafficking, how to detect vulnerable behaviors and traumatic situations and how they can become advocates for survivors in their long journey to healing.

We also had the privilege to learn how ordinary people can become extraordinary healers, thanks to Deneen Kelly’s seminars. Social workers and our Restore volunteers received so many advises on how they can play an important role in the process of healing of a human trafficking survivor and how personal and professional boundaries can facilitate health and healing. It’s fair to say that we left home with our hearts and minds filled with the desire to help and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

It was a busy week, but a fulfilling one, where we learned and laughed, we build relationships and had a great time. We cherished every moment with Katherine and Deneen and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them. We can only say that the world is a better place because people like them exist to fight for change and to bring healing where is needed. Until the next time, farewell our dearest Katherine and Deneen!