We provide care to survivors of human trafficking,

empowering them to live independent lives.

Empowering survivors of human trafficking to live independent lives 


Whilst we work to bring systematic change, we cannot ignore that there are already those who have fallen prey to traffickers. Survivors of human trafficking are our heroes and we work to provide care and assistance to those who have found a way to exit slavery, whether that be through escape, rescue or being discarded.

Our goal is to empower survivors to live independent lives. We do this through our soon to be opened RESTORE Home and RESTORE Community Care services.


A two focus approach to survivor care

Restore Home

It is not safe for every survivor to return home when they manage to exit trafficking situations.  Quite often a family member has been involved in their recruitment.  Sometimes a survivor is not ready for her family to know the ordeal she has been through.  

In February 2016 we opened our first RESTORE Home in Romania.  We aim to provide supportive accommodation to survivors.  This will equip and empower survivors to live independent lives through counselling, education, medical care and proactive life coaching.

Restore Community Care

We work closely with survivors and their families when it is safe for them to return home.  Through counselling, access to education and medical services, we work with survivors to build an independent life where they can flourish and stand on their own feet.

How can you help with restore?


Keeping a project like this going takes a lot of work.  There are clients to manage, medical expenses to cover, legal expenses, emergency clothing and staff to pay.

Your donations will help continue this project.  All donations will go to the running of the shelter, project staff costs and survivor care (food, clothes, medical needs).


Volunteers are needed to run the shelter. From setup and fit out of the physical building, to business people, to trained volunteers. If you would like to be involved let us know.