Security in human trafficking



Last week Abolishion was invited to present at the 5th Agora International Administration Conference on "The role of the Human Factor in Ensuring Human Security".

Our team spoke as keynote speakers alongside PhD lecturer Aurora Graviș and the head of N-V Regional National Agency against Human Trafficking (ANITP), Gheorghe Ungur.

We were represented by Ioana Mascaș who talked about "Human Security in Social Media" and Rachelle Eddy shared about "Best Practices in Survivor Care for First Responders". 

Aurora Gavriș spoke about "Aspects of international judicial cooperation regarding human trafficking issue".

Gheorghe Ungur presented on "Public Administration and Good Governance", "Comparative Administrative Systems", "The Role of the Human Factor in Ensuring Human Security" and "Legislative News in the Field of Administrative Sciences".

The conference gave the audience a better understanding about the dangers of human trafficking, how it works, what methods are used, what the legal framework is and laws that apply.  We also discussed who are the victims and how can you protect yourself, your family and your community from being trafficked.

The participants developed a better understanding on how victims of human trafficking might be feeling when being interviewed by authorities, how they can respond and how to give them the best care and help during this time.


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