Sierra joins the Abolishion Team



It's exciting to have Sierra Metzel join our team in the much needed role of story teller. Sierra brings her journalism and writing skills, her photography skills as well as her ability to see beyond the norm to the Abolishion team.  We're excited about the energy and enthusiasm she brings as well as her ability to communicate stories with heart.  We know that you will be both inspired and informed by her work.  Welcome to the team Sierra!

1.  How did you come to hear about human trafficking?
I grew up in a large, port city. Human trafficking was always a whisper in San Diego, but rarely recognized publicly. It's comfortable to blame and accuse other places of stark inhumanity all the while, hiding beneath the blanket of acceptability are dark truths.

2. What was your reaction when you heard? 
When I realized the local and global truth of human trafficking I felt dirty, slightly vulnerable, and above all, angered.

3. What is your role in Abolishion? 
At Abolishion I am the Romania-local photographer and journalist, my purpose is to tell stories, making others aware.

4. Why did you choose to work for Abolishion?
Living in Romania, there are many opportunities to join the fight against human trafficking. Abolishion is just one of those, but their consistent passion and stable growth drew me in. The organization works in personal relationships and community based projects through an overall global vision.

5.  What do you think is the best thing someone can do to fight trafficking? 
The first step in abolishing human trafficking is to be actively aware. Sharing your knowledge with others and refusing to keep polite blinders on. We can no longer think of people as tools to get what we want, but as human as yourself, a neighbor, or family member.

6. What do you think a world without trafficking would look like? 
A world without trafficking is pure. A world where hate is hard to find, and mistrust doesn't cloud our eyes. Granted, it won't be utopia, but a world without trafficking should be the norm.  

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