The latest from Abolishion

November 2015 News

October was a busy month with the #adaynhershoes campaign.  The idea was to wear heels for a day and to donate to our Restore Home for survivors of human trafficking.  We saw people from all over the world participate with photos coming in from abolishionists in Australia, UK, USA, Romania and even Spain.

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Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers

One of the best things to to know, when starting to fight trafficking, is where to get help when you need it.  As you learn more you will find certain things start to happen.  You'll start noticing more.  You'll question what you see going in that back alley.  You'll think twice about that couple in the airport where the girl doesn't look very happy.  You'll start to get suspicious about that guy hanging around at the high school. You'll start to wonder about that lady that never comes out of the house across the road.  You'll keep an eye on a house that seems to have lots of male visitors.  

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Freedom Sunday

The shocked faces stared back as Leanne Rhodes, Abolishon’s CEO, shared stories of human trafficking.  Everyone gathered there that day at Bookafe had heard of human trafficking before, but that wasn’t why they were shocked.  

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October 2015 News

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity here at Abolishion. It doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon! I wanted to update you on what you've been a part of the last few months.

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Targeting Villages in Moldova

Abolishion’s CEO, Leanne Rhodes, made an important trip to Chisinau, Moldova to meet with Liliana Balan from Child Protection.  Liliana said that 6% of the child population in Moldova have been trafficked.  Then she emphasised, “that’s just the ones we know about." 

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A home, not an institution

Last week, Abolishion was invited to meet in Bucharest with governmental officials from the Ministry of Labour and ANITP, Romania’s anti-trafficking agency to discuss standards for providing residential care for survivors of human trafficking.  Guests from Bulgaria and Poland show cased their work in providing residential care.

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Why a day in her shoes?

We’re so excited about our new campaign #adayinhershoes 

Our team have been working tirelessly the last two months preparing videos, websites and graphics.  We’ve done it all for two reasons: to help people understand more about human trafficking and to raise funds for our Restore program for survivors of human trafficking.


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A day in her shoes

Will you wear heels all day any day in October to put yourself in the shoes of women who suffer from trafficking? You can also donate $10, $20, $30 or whatever you can to help provide a safe haven for women and girls who have suffered such terrible abuse. Show that you care today by registering at adayinhershoes.org


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Intern Diaries – Lydia

Lots of people have asked me how my summer was since my return home from Romania. Most of them ask in passing, so I have about thirty seconds to sum up two months’ worth of travel, work, and life. Mostly I just say, “Oh, it was really awesome! I learned a ton and I made some really great friends!” 

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Roma Vulnerabilities

"Is this valuable?" Leanne asked, holding up a 100 Lei note. 

Several women nodded their heads yes. Leanne crumpled the note in her hands. Then she dropped it on the floor and stomped on it. She had their full attention.

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