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Will you wear heels all day on July 30 to put yourself in the shoes of women who suffer from trafficking? You can also donate $20, $35, $50 or whatever you can to help prevent human trafficking right where it happens. Show that you care today by registering at http://adayinhershoes.org/ #adayinhershoes

  • Art & Soul helps anti-trafficking specialists process vicarious trauma

    Abolishion was pleased to to bring Art & Soul to European anti-trafficking workers in Pescara, Italy.  On May 25, 2019, we hosted a one day event to 20 members of the European Freedom Network.  The Art & Soul program was created by Dr. Michelle Sanders, who also sits on the Abolishion board.  

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  • Medical professionals learn how to combat human trafficking

    Abolishion in partnership with Colegiului Medicilor Bihor were pleased to hold a conference on the Intersection of Human Trafficking and the Medical Sector on Tuesday May 15 at the Hilton Doubletree in Oradea.  The event was attended by 157 medical professionals as well as notable medical speakers.

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  • Students ask questions about trafficking victims

    Abolishion has developed a Schools Against Human Trafficking program.  This program informs teachers, students and parents about human trafficking techniques and is targeted at communities where we know human trafficking is happening.  Our first session deals with how to be safe on social media and how traffickers work to recruit young people online.

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  • At risk teenagers learn about human trafficking on EU Anti-Trafficking Day


    On EU Anti-trafficking day Abolishion was invited to watch Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, a documentary about modern human trafficking and sex slavery, at an event hosted by Love-Bihor and Casa Nansen. This event targeted at risk teenagers.

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  • ROAM Living intentionally creates jobs for survivors



    In 2017, Abolishion launched a social enterprise called ROAM Living.  ROAM makes high quality leather products of distinction and seeks to intentionally create jobs for survivors of human trafficking.  We make leather laptop and notebook covers as well as key chains and luggage tags.

    'We started ROAM last year with lots of work on product design and trialling our products in various markets.' said Leanne Rhodes, CEO and founder of Abolishion.  'We're not 100% there yet but we have seen what the impact of having a job has on survivors.'

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    Happy 5th Birthday Abolishion!

    Happy 5th Birthday Abolishion!


    Just like all 5 year olds, we love presents!

    Please make a donation to help us celebrate turning 5.

    Your gift will help us to continue our fight against human trafficking. 


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    Project Abolishion Ticket Purchase

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    Bring Back The Love


    Sponsor a job for a survivor

    this Valentine's Day.


    Give her a gift too:

    $20 per month - card with a personalised message from you 

    $30 per month - chocolates + card with a personalised message from you 

    $50 per month - flowers + chocolates + card with a personalised message from you 


    Jobs give survivors the dignity to make decisions for their own life, 

    self esteem that they can live independently and the means to look after their family.

    Jobs are with Roam Living making handmade leather goods of distinction.  Read more...



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    Be Safe on Social Media

    Be Safe On Social Media





    Watch the Video

    Watch and see how people can be trafficked online.


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    Get Resources To Fight Human Trafficking




    Be Safe on Social Media


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    The 2015/16 Annual Report is out!


    Abolishion's 2015/2016 Annual Report is out!  We're pretty proud of all we've been able to achieve this financial year.

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  • published Cybercrime and Sextortion in Abolishion Updates 2016-12-23 03:11:41 +1100

    Cybercrime and Sextortion


    Abolishion's Leanne Rhodes and Ioana Humelnicu were pleased to present at the 6th Agota International Administration Conference at Agora University this December.

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  • published Don't Shut Your Eyes in Abolishion Updates 2016-12-23 01:38:38 +1100

    Don't Shut Your Eyes


    Our team and local community were privileged to create a video on human trafficking that was used all over Europe.  We specifically created this video for the European Freedom Network, a network of 241 partners working to fight human trafficking and commercial exploitation across Europe.

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  • published Human Trafficking and Refugees in Abolishion Updates 2016-12-23 00:26:43 +1100

    Human Trafficking and Refugees


    Whilst in Athens, Greece, Abolishion had the opportunity to visit refugee camps and see first hand the impact of the refugee crisis.  We took time to hear the stories and see the needs.  We also got an understanding of how human trafficking is happening amongst this highly at-risk group, particularly the 10,000 unaccompanied children that have gone missing.

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  • published Street Theatre in Athens in Abolishion Updates 2016-12-22 20:08:21 +1100

    Street Theatre in Athens


    In September the Abolishion team joined with Concordia University to bring awareness of human trafficking to Athens, Greece through the medium of street theatre.

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    breaking the systems
    that keep people
    in sexual slavery





     What we do 




    We run prevention programs and awareness campaigns right where human trafficking happens.


    We provide industry based training on prevention and survivor care. 


    We work with government and existing networks to tighten the gaps in anti-trafficking work. 



    We provide care to survivors of human trafficking, empowering them to live independent lives.


    find out more about abolishion


    We are so excited about this project!

    We're working in Romania to establish our Restore Home and Restore Care services.

    Restore is all about supporting women who have been trafficked to live empowered lives.

    We need your help to get this project off the ground.


     Learn about Human Trafficking 


    Knowledge is power!

    Sign up for the email course and learn about the realities of Human Trafficking.

    It only takes 5 minutes a day for 30 days.

    Get the power to make real change!

    Support the work of abolishion


    YOUR donation will help to fight human trafficking right where it happens.  

    It also provides care and empowerment to survivors of human trafficking.

    YOU really can make a difference!


    Get Involved

    How can YOU be involved in the life changing work of Abolishion?

    There are lot's of opportunities to fit your passion, wherever you are in the world!

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    How can you fight Human Trafficking?

    Join our team.

    Check out our opportunities below.




    Be part of the Solution


    Become a volunteer

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    Restoration Care

    We provide care to survivors of human trafficking,

    empowering them to live independent lives.




    Restoration Care

    Whilst we work to bring systematic change, we cannot ignore that there are already those who have fallen prey to traffickers.  Survivors of human trafficking are our heroes and we work to provide care and assistance to those who have found a way to exit slavery, whether that be through escape, rescue or being discarded.  

    Our goal is to empower survivors to live independent lives.  We do this through our soon to be opened RESTORE Home and RESTORE Community Care services.



    Restore Home and Community Care for Survivors. 

    In 2016 we launched our Restore project that provides a

    safe home for survivors of human trafficking as well as a training centre

    that trains survivors in the skills they need to work and live an empowered life.

    Restore is all about supporting women who have been trafficked to live empowered lives.

    We need your help to support these brave survivors.


    How can you help with restoration care?


    Keeping a project like this going takes a lot of work.  There are clients to manage, medical expenses to cover, legal expenses, emergency clothing and staff to pay.

    Your donations will help continue this project.  All donations will go to the running of the shelter, project staff costs and survivor care (food, clothes, medical needs).


    Volunteers are needed to run the shelter. From setup and fit out of the physical building, to business people, to trained volunteers. If you would like to be involved let us know.