Alina joins the Abolishion team!



 We're so excited to have Alina join the team at Abolishion.  She will work as a social worker. Welcome Alina! 


1. How did you come to hear about human trafficking?

 I heard about human trafficking many times, in different situations, but I never met people who were involved in this.


2. What was your reaction when you heard?

I was shocked. At first, I didn’t even think that human trafficking exists, at least not in Romania. That someone could use and demoralize someone else’s life and obtain profits out of it. 


3. What is your role in Abolishion?

My role in Abolishion is to help people that have been traumatized because of human trafficking, and to help them regain their dignity, safety and the ability to handle life on their own, so that they can live an independent life.


4. Why did you choose to work for Abolishion?

When I chose to work for Abolishion, I saw it as a big challenge because I never had any contact with this category and I consider that it is one of the hardest domains in Social Care. It is a sensitive and complex domain, but all the effort is worth it to diminish this brutal practice.


5. What do you think is the best thing someone can do to fight trafficking?

First of all, I think that you need passion for this and the understanding that there are victims of human trafficking. Also, in the fight against human trafficking, mass media has a very important role in bringing awareness to society regarding the dangers and ways of prevention. Helping victims understand that they can live a life in a decent and honest way, and offering them support until they can become capable of living life on their own.


6. What do you think a world without trafficking would look like?

A world without trafficking would mean that there would be less traumatized children, aborted or abandoned, fewer abused women and destroyed families… a world where every person has the freedom to live their life in a decent way, freely consented.


7. Anything else you want to say?

I believe that saving a life from slavery is a huge success and the satisfaction that you managed to give back to a person the freedom of a normal life is very big, in relation to the effort made to get there.