Raising Awareness

We run prevention programs and awareness campaigns

right where human trafficking happens.




Raising Awareness

People are always shocked to hear that human trafficking or modern day slavery still exists.  Others know about it but love under the impression that it only happens in other places. That's exactly why we focus our prevention programs and raising awareness right where human trafficking happens.

Prevention Programs - We work in Roma communities, schools and universities in Romania and Moldova to ensure that those at risk of being trafficked are aware of trafficker tactics.

Online Course - We also aim to educate globally with our free online course on human trafficking.  This course informs, equips and empowers people to fight human trafficking.  The course is currently available in english, romanian, spanish, german and italian. 


How can you help with raising awareness?


Do our free 30 day online course.  Learn what human trafficking is, how to recognise it and how you can fight it.


Donations in this area go to running prevention programs in Roma communities and schools as well as ensuring our courses are available in multiple languages.


We would love to make our online training course available in many languages.  If you would like to see the course in your language and are willing to translate for us please contact us.