Professional Training

We provide industry based training on prevention and survivor care.




Training Social Workers and School Workers

We want to break the systems that keep people in slavery.  We know that our institutions play a key part in these systems.  

We provide customised training to professional sectors on:

- how to identify victims of human trafficking
- how to provide assistance to victims
- how to "traffic proof" your community 

We have worked with criminology students, trained social workers and educators as well as running conferences in the faith community.


How can you help with professional training?


It costs on average $50AUD to train a social worker. 
Would you be willing to support one or more professionals being trained in prevention, after care and how to identify and stop trafficking in their community?


Perhaps you could put on a dinner for your friends and ask them to each sponsor a social worker. Imagine what you could do if you all did it together.