Vision: What we see


Values: How we do it





Our Vision

We want to see a world where no one's basic right to freedom is sold for the highest bid.

Our Mission

Breaking the systems that keep people in sexual slavery.

How do we do this?

- Creating awareness and mobilising people in the fight against human trafficking through our Abolishion Force Campaign

- Establishing a peak body Clearinghouse for professionals working in anti-trafficking efforts.

- Providing professional training on anti-trafficking to industry sectors.

- Establishing rescue centres for survivors of human trafficking.

- Providing rehabilitation for users of prostitution and pornography.

Our Values

Solution Orientated - We do whatever it takes to find a solution to the problems we face.

People - People matter to us. We will go beyond our comfort zones to reach others.

Inspire - We lead by inspiration and not demand.

Respect - We respect the right of staff and volunteers to rest and live whole lives.

Transparent - We are transparent with what we do and why.

Replicate - We seek to continually replicate ourselves in others to constantly expand and grow beyond our lifetime.

Funds Management - We get as much funds to the field as possible.