Students ask questions about trafficking victims



Abolishion has developed a Schools Against Human Trafficking program.  This program informs teachers, students and parents about human trafficking techniques and is targeted at communities where we know human trafficking is happening.  Our first session deals with how to be safe on social media and how traffickers work to recruit young people online.

This week we have had the privilege of speaking to students living in a Roma community where police have been monitoring trafficking activity.


We had great discussions with engaged students that wanted to know more about human trafficking. Some of them started our free online course that informs participants further about human trafficking and helps you to understand how it works and equips you to do something about it.


The students, many from Roma families, were interested to hear about the dangers of human trafficking and they also wanted to know what happened to the missing children. “Where are they found?”, “Are they still missing?”, “Look! This one is about my age.”, “How old is he?”, “What happened to them”? These were a few of questions when the students saw pictures of missing children.


Some of the female participants said that they will do anything to be safe on social media as well as in real life. We were glad to hear that we helped the students to realise that they can protect themselves from the dangers of human trafficking.


We will continue to bring awareness in the lives of many that need to be informed about human trafficking, right where it happens.


If you want to know more about human trafficking you can subscribe to our free online course: http://www.abolishion.org/how.



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