Capacity Building

We work with government and existing networks

to tighten the gaps in anti-trafficking work.




Building Capacity in Existing Networks

Human trafficking is organised crime and runs through sophisticated networks.  We believe it is going to take more than just one organisation to fight it.  Instead, it is going to take a network of government, NGOs and institutions working together to really fight this crime against humanity.

We work with government, NGOs, institutions and anti-trafficking networks to tighten the gaps in the anti-trafficking response.  We want to make sure that the systems in our world support the prevention of trafficking and the rights of survivors rather than creating and environment that makes it easy for traffickers to operate.


How can you help with capacity building?


We run government summits that bring key players in anti-trafficking work together so we can unite our efforts.  The cost of these summits are around 5,000€.


If you would like to volunteer there will be plenty of opportunities, from general volunteering prior to and during the summit, to academic research, to translation of documents for presentation at the summit.