A workshop took place at the Oradea Social Community Administration, organised by Abolishion, People to People Foundation and our institution for all the medical employees from the Medical School Departments.

The workshop was held by Dr. Katherine Welch, an american pediatrician, president of the Relentless Organization, Andrea Pontoș, social worker at People to People Foundation and Ioana Humelnicu, Prevention Director of Abolishion.

School Health Care Providers from ASCO, 60 school doctors and nurses from all the educational institutions in Oradea were present at the event. This meeting represents a step forward for the Oradea Social Community Administration in their approach towards informing, educating and bringing awareness to students and to the civil society regarding the efficient manner of discussing a subject considerated taboo - sexual health for teenagers.

During the workshop, we presented ways of identifying vulnerable behaviors, abusive or different traumatic situations, such as prostitution, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and aspects concerning preventive medicine and the advantages of organizing sex education activities in schools.

The emphasize was placed on the importance of knowledge from early stages of life as well as the problems caused by the traumatic experiences of an abused sexual life and human trafficking.

The Relentless Organization was formed in 2011, teaching medical professionists how to be more efficient in offering their medical services and in their fight against human trafficking.


 by Govor Consuella

Original link: www.asco-oradea.ro