At risk teenagers learn about human trafficking on EU Anti-Trafficking Day


On EU Anti-trafficking day Abolishion was invited to watch Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, a documentary about modern human trafficking and sex slavery, at an event hosted by Love-Bihor and Casa Nansen. This event targeted at risk teenagers.

Before watching the movie, the Abolishion team took time to talk about why it is important to know about human trafficking. We talked about the methods that are being used by the traffickers to get people to trust them, how they try to take control of someone’s life and then how they trafficking them into forced prostitution or forced labour.

We were honoured to be able to answer their questions and it was a great opportunity to bring awareness in the lives of teenagers about human trafficking. It was such a great way to celebrate this important day. 

The at risk teenagers now know they can learn more about human trafficking by signing up for Abolishion’s free 30 day online course.  Its an easy to read course that is broken up into bite size chunks that you receive in your email every day for 30 days. The course is designed to inform you about human trafficking, help you understand how it works and equip you to do something about it. 

You can sign up for the course at: http://www.abolishion.org/how



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