Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers



One of the best things to to know, when starting to fight trafficking, is where to get help when you need it.  As you learn more you will find certain things start to happen.  You'll start noticing more.  You'll question what you see going in that back alley.  You'll think twice about that couple in the airport where the girl doesn't look very happy.  You'll start to get suspicious about that guy hanging around at the high school. You'll start to wonder about that lady that never comes out of the house across the road.  You'll keep an eye on a house that seems to have lots of male visitors.  And after all this, you'll feel helpless.  

You'll feel helpless because you want to do something but have no idea what to do. We aim to give you some keys so you do know exactly what to do.  Most countries have a human trafficking hotline.  Find out what your's is and put the number in your phone.  That way if you see something suspicious you will have it on hand and can call for help and advice straight away.  You won't be helpless.

If you see something suspicious then call the hotline.  Your call can build evidence that could put a trafficker in jail or alert task forces to things going on.  The police need to work by the rules and that means gathering evidence.  Your call could help a trafficking ring to be discovered or see girls set free.  Go on, decide to put the number in your phone now.

Here's some hotline numbers we know of listed alphabetically by country:

If your country is not mentioned above, try looking at this hotline list provided by the US State service.

Another thing that often happens as you begin to know more about trafficking and start talking to others about it is people start to tell you things.  It might be about a friend or it might be about them.  People know you understand and will believe their story, so they trust you and tell you.  Sometimes they've never told anyone before.  If you find this happens to you then please encourage them to call the hotline and get help.  Do it with them if they will allow you to.  



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