January 2014 News



This year we're starting something new on our blog. We want to keep you informed on all the latest things that are happening in Human Trafficking around the globe. At the end of each month we'll give you a summary of things that have been happening including the good, the bad and the ugly. Email us at [email protected] if you see something you think should be included.

What happened this month?

EU votes on the Nordic model

Congratulations to the EU on this first vital stage in seeing the Nordic model law recommended right across Europe. This law makes the buying of sex illegal and saw a 50% reduction of street prostitution in Sweden.

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Woman rents her baby for sex

The world was shocked to hear of this story going on in the US.  A women allows a man to have sex with her 6 month old child.

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Survivor bravely tells her story of domestic child slavery

She was sold by her parents into slavery in Egypt at only 8 years old.  Watch this video of her bravely telling her story.

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