A home, not an institution



Last week, Abolishion was invited to meet in Bucharest with governmental officials from the Ministry of Labour and ANITP, Romania’s anti-trafficking agency to discuss standards for providing residential care for survivors of human trafficking.  Guests from Bulgaria and Poland show cased their work in providing residential care.

Abolishion, together with partner People To People, presented our preferred model of residential care for survivors.  We presented a model that is quick to respond to need and ensures a family living environment rather than an institutionalised approach.  This model has been the result of month’s of research and workshops and we hope can be flexible enough to meet needs, economical to run and be easily repeatable in other parts of the country.

The model was welcomed by all, along with an understanding that governmental standards need to change, should this model be embraced.  ANITP invited Abolishion, People to People and ADPARE, another service provider, to design standards for residential care of survivors that can be adopted at a national level. 

This was a great outcome and a step forward in providing quality care to survivors who have been through so much and desperately need a place where they can heal and be empowered to be independent.

You can be involved in providing Restoration Care for survivors of human trafficking or in building capacity in government networks by making a financial donation.  Alternatively, you can become a partner by making a monthly donation to help us plan ahead in our work to fight human trafficking. 

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