Abolishion turns 5 today!


Abolishion turns 5!


It all started 5 years ago today with a little statement on our founder Leanne Rhodes' Facebook page.

Today is Global Human Trafficking Awareness day.....so I got together with some amazing friends and started Abolishion. A non-profit set to break the systems that keep people in sexual slavery.

Check it out: www.abolishion.org

It's amazing to think of all that has been accomplished in just 5 years.  Here are just some of the things we are celebrating today:

We have an awareness course in 8 languages that has been used by individuals, NGOs, schools, churches and government.

We have done into-trafficking presentations all over the globe: Romania, Moldova, United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Greece and Poland.

We have trained hundreds of professionals in the social work, education, medical and non-profit sectors.

We have worked with government to help rewrite the National Referral Mechanism in Romania.

We have set up our RESTORE shelter and a training centre for survivors of human trafficking alongside our partners People To People.

We have set up ROAM Living, a social enterprise selling high quality leather laptop covers and accessories in order to create jobs for survivors.

We have launched a Be Safe On Social Media program in high schools in both Poland and Romania.

We have worked closely with the European Freedom Network to create social media campaigns that have informed over 1.1 million people that human trafficking happens all around us.

We have worked with some very amazing people, including you!

Isn't it amazing!  

Just like all 5 year olds, we love birthday gifts!  If you would like to give a birthday gift, we will jump up and down in excitement like all 5 year olds do when receiving gifts.

Thank you so much for being a part of our first 5 years.  We couldn't have done it without you on our team!

All we know is the best is yet to come!

Happy, happy birthday to us!


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